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Message to Attendees of Summer Soiree 2019:  The Omaha Chapter of the Christ Child Society is on the move!


We helped two single parents pursue their academic dreams last year.  This year, we are giving scholarships to 12!  One will earn her CNA.  The others will receive renewable awards of $5,000 a year as they pursue bachelor degrees.  They are all on their way to independence and stability.  And, when times get tough, all of them have a special support system (such as College of St. Mary and the Mater Filius House) to help them succeed.

We will personally deliver 1,500 layettes this year to agencies, doctors offices and schools across eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. We do this in batches of 500.  Each assembly costs about $30,000. Our volunteers order the merchandise.  We set up a huge assembly line process, and pack the diaper bags with items that every newborn needs. It is an amazing team effort.

That bag includes a handmade blanket.  Shout-outs to the Ses Enfants Auxiliary of Omaha and the Ses Amies group in Fordyce. They sew, stitch, then iron each blanket that we put into the bags. It is wonderful to witness the fellowship and see the love and care that goes into their work. 

The coordination is amazing… different age groups, different talents, different locations, all working together for a greater good.

We are bringing back the layette luncheon, October 3rd!  It will be a special time to re-connect with members, old and new, all of us bound by a desire to make a difference.  This Society has long been a place where faith and fellowship intersect.  We hope you will join us.   

The Omaha chapter is one of the oldest Christ Child Society chapters in the nation. We have a great history, uniting generations of talented, caring people who come together to serve others and to reflect Christ’s love.  Thank you for attending the 2019 Summer Soiree, an event made possible by a dedicated committee, generous underwriters, our auxiliary members, board members and friends.

We pledge to continue to make a difference.

                                       **Check out the photo gallery to enjoy pictures from our 2019 Summer Soiree!

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