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Christ Child Omaha Thanks You!

INSPIRING. SUPPORTING. LOVING. ENCOURAGING.That's How You Roll! For the difference you make, and to let you know you're appreciated, a donation has been made in your honor to the Christ Child Society of Omaha. All proceeds will help a new Mom in need. A heartfelt Thank You to our Honorees and our Donors. We are grateful to you, as are the parents and babies that your dollars will help!


Mo Anderl

Krista Anderson

Bunny Baggarly

Cindy Bay

Kathy Baer

Beth Beecham

Jane E. Beerman

In memory of Vera Beerman

Jennifer Bettger

Esther Brabec

Dani Bradford

Julie Burt

Sally Burt

Laurie Caldwell

Kelley Curley

Fran Dowd

Mary Dowd

Rae Dyer

Donna Erker

Margaret Evans

Jackie Farrar

Lucille Fiala

Laurie Floersch

Jennifer Fulcher

Cindy Gonzalez

Fran Greene

In memory of Dolores Harrington

Karen Hawkins

Julie Hillmer

Lori Hogan

Shirley Huerter

Liz Jones

Kathryn Kearney

Jessica Chizek Ketelsen

Alice Kipper

Jackie Kroeger

Liz Langan

Angela Lusienski

Elizabeth Anania Martin

Jena McFadden

Dr. Kris McVea

Toody Moffitt

In memory of Cindy Moore

Shirley Neary

Margaret Nelson

Janet Nichting

Joan Nichting

Jess Pate

Phyllis Pratt

Anne Raynor

Cindy Rector

In Memory of Betsy Reed

Mindy Reed

Cindy Rieke

Genevieve Rielly

Cindy Ruma

Anna Florine Sanderson

Amy Schmid

Mary Schuele

Sue Seline

joanne sharon

Becky Sharp

Lynette Singer

Alice Smith

Josephine Strain

Linda Stryker

Ann Tjaden

Mary Anne Vaccaro

Ellen Warner

Ann Wieberg

Beth Wilson

Peggy Zier

Christy Ziskey


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