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Christ Child Society of Omaha’s Scholarship Program is designed to empower parents who have significant financial need, helping them achieve their academic goals, and putting their families on the path toward independence and success. 

The following scholarship award levels are available:

1. $5,000 for applicants pursuing four-year degrees. This award level may be renewed up to three times.

2. $2,500 for applicants pursuing one-year or two-year degrees. Two-year degree awards may be renewed one time.

Applications will be accepted until June 30th for 2022-2023 academic year.


2022 Eligibility and Application Process

The following requirements must be met to be considered eligible for a scholarship:

  • The Candidate must obtain a high school diploma or GED before applying for the scholarship.
  • The Candidate must be the primary caregiver for their child(ren), the child(ren) must be under 18 years of age and reside in the same household as the Candidate.
  • The Candidate must provide proof of enrollment in, or acceptance to, an undergraduate degree program or vocational training program.
  • The Candidate’s scholarship nomination or endorsement must come from a certified Christ Child Society of Omaha participating agency (see list below).
  • The Candidate must work with the certified, nominating/endorsing agency to complete the scholarship application form. (Applications are only accepted from a certified agency representative on the Candidate's behalf.)

If the eligibility requirements are met, then the application process requires:

  • The certified agency submits the application, including the Candidate's personal educational/professional goals statement, via online form.
  • Christ Child Society of Omaha accepts the Candidate’s application only from the certified agency.
  • Christ Child Society of Omaha Scholarship Committee reviews all applications and makes award recommendations.
  • Certified agencies will be notified of award recommendations. 


Certified Agencies (as of March 2022) include:

  • Bellevue University
  • Bethlehem House
  • Carole’s House of Hope
  • Child Saving Institute
  • College of Saint Mary
  • Heartland Family Services, Family Works Program
  • Mater Filius 
  • Methodist College 
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha


Christ Child Society of Omaha Scholarship Application

Agency & Agency Contact Person's Information

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Candidate's Information (to be completed by the agency contact person)

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