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Academic Scholarship Program

Christ Child Society of Omaha Academic Scholarship Program

Christ Child Society of Omaha Scholarship Program Purpose

Our Values:  Faith  Family  Compassion  Hope   Education

Christ Child Society of Omaha’s Scholarship Program is designed to empower single parents
who have significant financial need by helping them achieve their academic goals, thereby
putting them and their families on the path toward independence and success.

The following scholarship awards are available:
1. $5,000 for applicants pursuing four-year undergraduate degrees. This award level
may be renewed up to three times. To be considered for a Fall award, applications
must be submitted by Spring of current year.
2. $2,500 for applicants pursuing one or two year undergraduate degrees. This award
level may be renewed one time for two year programs. These applications will be
accepted in March/April and in June for Fall semester awards.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:
 High school diploma or GED.
 Must have primary financial and caregiving responsibility for their child(ren); child(ren)
must live with the applicant; and child(ren) must 18 years old or younger.
 Be nominated/endorsed for the scholarship by a certified Christ Child Society of Omaha
participating agency (listed below).
 Working with the certified agency, scholar must complete the scholarship application
form prior to any stated deadlines.
 Provide proof of enrollment (or acceptance) in undergraduate degree program.
 Submit a personal statement explaining educational/professional goals.
 Agency submits student recommendation.
Process for new scholarships - $5,000 and $2,500 award levels:
 Christ Child Society of Omaha will accept from a sponsoring certified agency an
applicant’s completed application.
 In the Spring of each academic year, the Scholarship committee of the Christ Child
Society of Omaha Board will review all applications.
 The committee will select the scholarship recipient(s) and present those names to the
full Board for ratification at the April meeting.
 Scholarship recipients will be notified of their award by no later than May 1st.
 Christ Child Society Treasurer will send scholarship award money to the respective
school or program on behalf of the scholarship recipient.
 If the scholarship recipient has not enrolled in a qualified program by start of current
school year of receiving the scholarship award notification, recipient will forfeit the
award. In the event of a forfeiture, scholars are eligible to apply again.

If the scholar takes a leave from school, at the certified agency’s request, the Scholar may retain the scholarship for one semester. If the scholar does not return to school the following semester, the scholar will forfeit the scholarship. 

Process for renewing existing scholarships - $5,000 and $2,500 award levels: ∙ Certified agencies must submit a statement attesting the renewing scholarship recipient is in good standing, is maintaining a passing GPA (or equivalent) and will return to the recipient's degree program. 

∙ Christ Child Society Treasurer will send the scholarship award money to the respective school on behalf of the renewing scholarship recipient. 

∙ If a renewing scholarship recipient suspends their educational program and then resumes studies within one semester, at the request of the certifying agency and provided the scholar is in good standing, the scholar can retain the scholarship. If their suspension is greater than one semester, they must re-apply to be considered for reinstatement of the suspended scholarship. 

Current Certified Agencies include: 

  •  Avenue Scholars 
  •  Bellevue University 
  •  Bethlehem House 
  •  Carole’s House of Hope 
  •  Child Saving Institute 
  •  Clarkson College
  •  College of Saint Mary 
  •  Essential Pregnancy Services
  •  Heartland Family Services, Family Works Program 
  •  Mater Filius of Nebraska 
  •  Nebraska Methodist College  
  • Omaha Boys & Girls Club
  • Partnership for Kids


Certified Agency Requirements: 

To continue in good standing with Christ Child Society of Omaha the participating agencies must: 

∙ Have a support system in place to help ensure scholarship recipient’s success. ∙ Agree to promote the Christ Child Society scholarship program by encouraging qualified candidates to apply. 

∙ Assist in the application process. 

∙ Provide Christ Child Society updates about the scholarship recipient’s academic progress by no later than March 15th, following the award year, for the $5,000 award recipients.  Provide academic progress updates for the $2,500 award recipients on a schedule mutually agreed upon with Christ Child Society. 

∙ In the event the student withdraws from school during the scholarship period, the funds must be returned to Christ Child Omaha within a reasonable time. 

Revised 02-19-23

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