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How To Get Involved


What are the Auxiliaries of Christ Child Omaha?

Currently, five auxiliaries make up the 150 volunteers of Christ Child Omaha.  All auxiliaries are seeking new members because growth and new ideas keep the organization vital and interesting!  Members are free to move among auxiliaries to find their best fit.  

Ses Amies” means His Friends:  This newly formed group consists of members who do not yet have school-aged children.  

Les Anges” means His Angels:  most of these women have children in grade school and middle school.

C’est L’Amour” means It is Love: most of these women have children in high school or college. 

L’Esprit” means The Spirit:  most of these women are empty nesters and nearing retirement.

Ses Enfants” means His Infants:  most of these women are retired and are in their 70’s and 80’s and are still very active!


What Does Membership Involve? 

Christ Child Omaha members enjoy the dual benefits of friendship and service.  The Society gives members the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves and to “do good” for those in need.  The auxiliaries operate under the guidance of the Board of Directors to serve Omaha’s smallest and neediest in a variety of ways.  The activities of the Society have grown from small beginnings.  Every auxiliary has the opportunity to serve at casual, fun unpacking events where volunteers unpack and bundle baby items to prepare for layette assemblies.  They also assist with production line-style layette assemblies.  Members get first-hand exposure to our partner agencies when they deliver layettes to the agency locations.  

Each auxiliary plans its annual meeting calendar to fit its unique mission enhancement, which members develop with the support of the Board.  For example, Ses Enfants, our most experienced members, hand sew flannel baby blankets for our layettes; L’Esprit supports our largest fundraiser and the layette program; Les Anges leads a car seat giveaway program through partner agencies.  C’est L’Amour is interested in literacy.  These opportunities to do good are done in “small bites” to accommodate busy schedules.

Each auxiliary helps with fundraising.  Members are invited to support or attend our spring TopGolf event, the fall Soiree dinner, and the Memorial Mass and Annual meeting each November.  Members may choose to serve on a fundraiser committee or assist with other special events which occasionally arise.  

A major focus of membership is developing a sense of community among members.  Auxiliaries may plan for spiritual, educational, and social activities according to their members’ interests. 

Annual dues are set at $60 a year, but an auxiliary may choose to increase that amount to support auxiliary functions.  To learn more or join, go to our website or email us at the address below. 


Our Mission:

The Christ Child Society of Omaha, following its Catholic heritage and vision of founder, Mary Virginia Merrick, brings Christ’s love to communities through layettes and support of programs that serve children and families in need.


Our Partners