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A Valued Partnership and a Distinguished Award

A Valued Partnership and a Distinguished Award

Excerpt from Interview with Adama Sawadogo, Founder & Executive Director of African Immigrant Family Services.

Our Child & Maternal Health program called Promotion of Mother’s Care (PROMOCARE), is designed to provide comprehensive support to expecting and new African immigrant and refugee mothers, including prenatal care, childbirth education, postpartum assistance, and car seat installation and education. Promocare is a culturally sensitive approach initiated by African Immigrant Family Services, advocating for accessible, effective, and affordable healthcare for immigrants and refugees. The program focuses on providing crucial information about pregnancy and the first three years of a child’s life, aiming to establish a strong foundation for the family’s future. The layettes provided by Christ Child Omaha complement and reinforce our efforts by offering practical items that alleviate financial strain on families, allowing them to focus on nurturing their newborns and navigating the challenges of parenthood. The layettes provided by Christ Child Omaha play a vital role in supporting the goals of the Promocare maternal program by ensuring that families have access to necessary newborn supplies, thus contributing to the well-being of both mothers and infants in our community.

Currently, we serve approximately 60 expecting or new mothers from a diverse range of backgrounds, with individuals from 12 African countries currently represented in our programs.  
— Adama Sawadogo

Christ Child Society of Omaha was honored with the Diversity Partnership Recognition at the AIFS Annual Success celebration due to its commitment to fostering inclusivity and serving diverse communities. The organization’s dedication to supporting immigrant families and collaborating with organizations like African Immigrant Family Services exemplifies its dedication to embracing and celebrating diversity.

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