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Inspired by Mary and the Christ Child

Mary Virginia Merrick

Although the founder of The Christ Child Society, Mary Virginia Merrick, never married or had children of her own she set a worthy example of being alongside mothers to nurture their families.

Paralyzed at 14, and orphaned at 18, Merrick was left to care for and support her younger brothers and sisters, as well as run a large household. She cared for them compassionately, and they flourished.

A deeply religious woman, Merrick stayed closely attuned to the needs of children in her Washington, DC, community.  Although limited by her paralysis, Merrick deftly organized and enlisted friends to help needy mothers and babies. She taught that love was shown by practical action.

Christ Child Society started by giving layettes of hand sewn blankets and many other necessary baby items. Merrick imagined how Mary must have felt with the Christ Child in her arms, and how daunting the task of providing for a new baby could be. Each gift was given as though for the Christ Child Himself, including a card with the story of His birth. 

The effort spread throughout the country, and Omaha was one of the very first cities to form a Christ Child Chapter.   Nearly 140 years later, Christ Child Society focuses on mothers, because when you support a mom, you are supporting the entire family!

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