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Pictured here are five of the six seniors sponsored by the Christ Child Society of Omaha who received significant scholarships to pursue their academic dreams.  All attended the College of St. Mary to earn degrees in nursing.  They graduated May 17, 2020.

Christ Child currently sponsors 10 other college students who are working hard toward their own graduation days. 

“Thank you, Christ Child Society, from the bottom of my heart. Any help helps so much. The scholarship I received took away the burden of having to pick up extra hours. It gave me the chance to spend more time with my kids, to spend more time studying, to be successful in school and be where I’m at today.” – Martha Montes, 2020 College of St. Mary graduate

“This whole final semester I didn’t have to work partly because of the help I got from Christ Child Society. To be able to say, ‘I’m just going to focus on school as much as possible and do my best and finish strong and not be just another statistic – a single mom struggling to get by,’ it has been a huge blessing.” – Maricela Ruiz, 2020 College of St. Mary graduate

 “The scholarship from Christ Child Society was a help with finances, and it was an honor to receive the scholarship.” – Hosanna Sok, 2020 College of St. Mary graduate

 “Christ Child Society of Omaha never doubted me. That scholarship was there because they believed in me, and now it’s my turn to say thank you.” – Sierra Weitzel, 2020 College of St. Mary graduate

 “Six years ago, I took the boys on my own and I made it a goal that I was going to do whatever it took to get my nursing degree and be where I want to be in life. College of St. Mary and Christ Child Society have given me the opportunity to do so. I’m forever grateful.” – Erin Wright, 2020 College of St. Mary graduate


“With the grace of God, faith and amazing ministries like Christ Child Society, anything is possible. Don’t ever give up. Make a goal and every day figure out something you can do to work closer to that goal.” – Erin Wright, 2020 College of St. Mary graduate


 “To not have an education is really a deficit for (single mothers) because they may not be able to raise their child out of poverty. The Christ Child Society is helping them get their education. It means something not only for the woman who is in college but for her children. Generations to come will benefit from that scholarship.” – Dr. Maryanne Stevens, RSM; president, College of St. Mary


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